Introducing Digital Mark up

Introducing Digital Mark up

Introducing Digital Mark UpAutomaton is always seeking new ways to make admation better. With the uptake in digital marketing we are thrilled to release our newest functionality that enables users to annotate video and flash files.

This new capability allows you to pause and capture any frame in a video or take a snapshot of a flash file to which you can add comments and request changes.á

This functionality takes the guesswork out of reviewing digital files, and eliminates tedious and repetitive viewing. Less time allocated to highlighting changes can only mean a faster and more enjoyable approval process. In short this means that less will be lost in translation.

When the user is finished annotating the file and submits their changes, a complete history appears on the screen for all stakeholders to review. Admation also generates a Visual Summary of annotations to make briefing changes faster and more efficient.

Summary of benefits for Annotating video and flash files:

? Eliminates guesswork and confusion, resulting in less interpretation with definitive marked up changes.
?áQuicker to mark up a still snapshot than to try and describe your changes, resulting in speedier approval process.
?áAllows users to capture as many changes as required, resulting in professionally finished artwork
?áProvides a saved record of each annotation, preventing changes being lost or misplaced
?áA visual summary of annotations makes it easy for agencies to view changes, and hence more efficient in the editing process.

We are confident this new feature is really going to transform the way you review digital files. Pleaseácall us to chat further or arrange a demonstration.