Automatic Image Transcoding

Automatic Image Transcoding

Did you know admation’sáimage library has built-in image transcoding functionality?

Automatic Image TranscodingWhat’s that you ask?

Well have you ever needed image in a particular size and format, and had to submit a request your agency or studio to supply it?

Well with admation’s image library you can now self serve.

From the image library, you simply search and find the image, add it to your cart, and then select the required file type and size from the drop down. áadmation then automatically converts the image into the size and format required and downloads it your hard-drive.

For example, if you have an original image that are a large EPS file, but you need them for a presentation as a small JPEG – admation does that conversion (transcoding) for you on the fly. Have a group of images you need converted? áWell this feature works for a batch of images as well.

Would you like to know more, or need a demonstration? áOur support team are ready and waiting for your call.