Email Approval, the top 5 culprits causing hidden costs

Are you completely satisfied that your email approval is offering your business a streamlined approval process?á


Take a minute to consider these potential issues:

1. Reviewing a dated version

This has happened to all of us at least once. When a stakeholder reviews an earlier version of the artwork because he/she hasn?t rechecked their email or there is confusion with the email trail. Not only does this cause confusion but also delays .

2. Fragmented Feedback
When stakeholders send their feedback separately, the email thread becomes overwhelming and you may miss a vital piece of information. Plus collating all feedback is time consuming.

3. Struggle to compare current and last revision
Working in a high-volume marketing world, it is almost impossible to recall what changes you requested on a particular file. Trawling through your sent emails to find the changes takes time.

4. Follow up approvers
Don?t you hate having to remind approvers that their feedback is needed, we all hate nagging and only do it because we have to. Missing approval deadlines is causes delays and un

5. Scattered Approvals
Everyday whether you are an Agency or Brand you will be involved in a massive amount of approvals. Briefs, Estimates, Creative and Production. Staying on top of them using an email workflow constantly uses your brainpower, no wonder you go home drained.

If you are interesting an adopting a more transparent and collaborative approval process and removing some of these hidden costs, talk to us about how admation can help. áWe know there is a way to remove these hidden costs from your business.