Digital Asset Management: No More Juggling

Digital Asset Management: No More Juggling

iStock_000021601565XSmallMost of us have tried juggling with three balls, but have you ever tried juggling with six or seven? If you can at least imagine this, it?s an illuminating picture of what it?s like to work in marketing these days.

For example, while it was once enough to work across television and print, today marketers need to also work extensively across digital platforms too, which include mobile devices, social media, websites and games.

As a result, it?s not uncommon for brands to be working with more than one agency, say, a number of specialist agencies for interactive initiatives and a possibly a number of generalist agencies for more traditional campaigns.

But this is where the juggling gets tricky. Even a well-seasoned performer would have a difficult time juggling digital assets between two or more agencies in the absence of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Without one centralised location for all your digital files, finding the correct, approved files easily can be problematic and cost you time and money if you need to recreate files that can?t be located.

No more juggling

With an ever-increasing number of digital files to manage, it?s more pertinent than ever to have an efficient management solution for housing your digital assets. DAM offers one central file-sharing solution that is secure and easy to manage.

Here are some of the key features of DAM:

? Secure storage of digital assets: Data is safe from being lost or deleted, and only approved stakeholders can access the files
? Indexed with custom meta data:
Makes it simple to locate, sort and manage files
? Simple search and download function:
The correct, approved files always at your fingertips
? Share files with internal stakeholders and external partners: Easy facilitation of file sharing both internally and externally
? Built-in image transcode to convert image types on demand: Easy conversion of files to any size and format that?s required

Admation is integrated with DAM, which is often the first step in introducing an approval solution into your workflow. If you don’t have a solution in place, perhaps it is time to consider one. áHave questions? áWe would love to help, so please don’t hesitate to call.