New Feature: Masking approval content

New Feature: Masking approval content

In your role do you;

? spend time and energy keeping things confidential until they go to market?
? need to get the approval of two competing suppliers with products on the same ad?
? have to get partner approval for the use of their brand logo while keeping the content of the ad confidential?

If you have answeredáyesáto any of these questions, you are going to love the new admation feature we’ve just released -ámasking approval content.á

Screen-Shot-2013-11-13-at-11.38.16-AMWhen sending content for approval admation now enables you:

? to hide or mask areas of the artwork that you do not want a particular users to view,
? customise what each user views when they access artwork for approval,
? completely control who sees what.

We know this new enhancement in admation is going to save you time and effort in your marketing approval process.

If you think this is a feature you will use, please contact ourávery friendly and very helpfulásupport teamáand they happily answer any questions, and provide you access to a short video and training material.