Baby Bunting implements Automaton to streamline marketing processes

Baby Bunting needed a solution to streamline their catalogue production and approval process. We’re very happy to announce that Baby Bunting has selected Retailpath to help streamline their marketing approval workflow. In addition, they required a system that could both house and route images and copy to their new website. Vendorpath has been selected to manage these marketing requirements.

Prior to implementing Retailpath and Vendorpath, Baby Bunting’s inhouse and external teams managed marketing work using traditional tools such as email, Excel, PDFs and file sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Hightail.

Baby Bunting wanted to implement software that could provide the following features:

  • A refined process for catalogue mud mapping
  • Online briefing tools
  • Customised approval pathways
  • Approval workflow management
  • Digital asset management (DAM) for saving marketing images and copy
  • A central platform from which to source/approve content and load online products
  • A tool to plan promotions. Automaton will be building a new module for Baby Bunting called Promopath to meet this requirement


With Retailpath, Baby Bunting is hoping to achieve:

  • A template driven approval process for catalogue mud mapping
  • An efficient review and approval process
  • More accuracy and less artwork revisions
  • Faster turnaround times on producing catalogues


With Vendorpath, Baby Bunting is hoping to achieve:

  • An efficient way to source/approve vendor content
  • Faster turnaround times on loading online products
  • An organized, central system for managing marketing assets and content


It’s great to be working with Baby Bunting and adding value to their marketing processes and tasks.