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Product Onboarding (VendorPath)

Product Onboarding enables you to automate and manage the collection of new products from your Vendors and Supply Chain. Automating the process reduces the manual effort to get product online and increases the speed to market.

Once a product is ranged by a Retailer, the Vendor is automatically notified to enrich their new products. They can respond to the request by enriching the new products with copy, attributes and images manually or this can occur automatically via integration (API).

Features + Benefits

Automated Quality Assurance

Images are validated at upload so they always meet your quality specifications.

Built-in Tools (Cropping and Swatch Creation)

Built-in cropping and swatch creation tool stops allow the Retail Side approver to self serve. This saves both time and money as outsourcing thesis basic functions can be expensive. The time saving also improves speed that products are ready to sell online.


VendorPath is designed to integrate with the Retail ERP and Vendor Systems.

Manages Supplier Funding

VendorPath tracks any fees related to providing Image Quality Assurance and any copy optimisation. This streamlines the billing for these functions.

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