Simplify local area marketing

Localpath is an online system helping brands simplify local area marketing.0 admation

While local marketing is recognised as an important marketing pillar, it is often overlooked because it considered too difficult to manage. Ideally brands want to concentrate on their national campaigns, knowing that their local marketing is managed and delivered within brand guidelines.

Localpath gives brands the control and confidence to deliver consistently branded and cost effective local marketing campaigns. A few of the key features and benefits of localpath are listed below.

Distributed Campaigns

Distributing a campaign to your local stores has never been so easy. With localpath, you simply load the campaign content, and at the click of a button invite your local outlets/stores to participate. Local stores select to opt in, and then customise their requirements, including collateral type and quantities.

In many cases, local store details such as store name, map and business hours can be automatically generated onto the artwork. Managing and distributing local marketing collateral with localpath, ultimately provides brands with production and printing cost savings.

Promotion Setup

Local Marketing is often the responsibility of the Store Owner / Franchisee. It is not uncommon for this marketing activity to be completed after business hours. Providing stores with a structured briefing process ensures that all required information is gathered and brief submitted is complete. We all know that a good brief typically results in better output, as well as a more efficient production and approval process, and speed to market!

Template Driven

Localpath provides stores with a selection of campaign themes such as birthday or opening sale or a loyalty program. Each campaign includes a range of branded templates that can be selected such as flyer, press ad or instore POS.

Local stores simply select the campaign and templates, and are guided through the process to supply additional details such as on sale dates. Where an activity is product based, localpath links with a online brand product library, allowing stores to easily select products and enter pricing.

Electronic Briefing

Not only does localpath gather all required information and store it in one location, it goes one step further by providing a studio ready brief. In laymen’s terms we provide the studio with the production files and all of the assets including products images, copy and price in a folder. The studio does not waste time hunting and gathering assets, giving them more time to spend on the creative and making it look great!

Centralised Production

Localpath allows brands to appoint a central production hub to manage and produce local collateral for all local stores regardless of where they are located. Essentially, this means consistent processes are used across the brand, and that the production hub can ensure that all local collateral is executed within brand guidelines. Automaton or your agency can provide this production hub.

Brand Approval

Localpath outputs a daily email report with a visual list of local marketing collateral in progress or needing approval. This report is an effective tool for brands to monitor and manage local marketing output. It allows a brand manager to scan the report, and if they spot a concern to simply click on a link for a more detailed view and inject themselves into the production and approval process.

Localpath gives brands more control over the local marketing.