Escape the clutter, get efficient & get to market faster!

Planning & Briefing

RetailPath’s planning and briefing process launches your next marketing project in a flash, ensuring your team has all the information they need to get your next promotion started. Say goodbye to the chaos of briefing via email, spreadsheets and PowerPoint mud-maps.

Managed Workflow

With RetailPath, managing the traditional review and approval process has never been easier, with a central online system designed to enable you to plan, brief, review and ultimately approve all your retail marketing material, making getting to market simpler and quicker.

Promotion Setup

Marketing promotions can be manually created by selecting the number of pages, naming your promotion and setting the print deadline. Promotion content can be added manually or imported from your merchandising system, either through an export or tight integration. This powerful function saves you time and ensures promotion details such as product specs and pricing are accurate.


At any point in the process you can run a job summary report, a summary of all the promotion content giving you an enriched view of your promotion content. You can quickly see which pages are ready for briefing and where you still need to select promotion content. The specific information contained in the job summary report, typically sorted by page, includes the products selected with copy, images and promotion pricing. This content can be modified to suit any retailer and also run by supplier so that you can send it to them for approval if required.

Studio Briefing

When submitting to production, RetailPath outputs a studio ready brief in InDesign, with all the content required for the studio to create a first draft. This saves time as there’s no longer a need to search for content, enabling you to reduce production time and get to market faster.