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RetailPath’s online production makes it easy to unite promotion content with stakeholders, collate feedback and to meet production milestones.

Virtual Catalogue

The production studio uploads the first proof to RetailPath for review and feedback. Individual pages or spreads are displayed in RetailPath as a ‘virtual catalogue’. PDFs can be downloaded as individual pages or as an entire catalogue. This is where each revision will be uploaded for your review. Access to the latest draft of your catalogue in one place throughout production is a great benefit.

Online Markups

One of the key benefits of RetailPath is that not only is it simple to access and quickly review content but you can mark up your changes online. Simply circle your creative changes and comment accordingly. Product copy and pricing changes are made in dedicated fields so that your pricing and copy are always up-to-date in the database. This means that merchants are able to update promotion content such as pricing and product swapping while marketing can focus on the creative campaign.

Studio Debrief

Changes are managed in RetailPath, from the very first draft until all products and pages are approved, ensuring you keep on top of production. We do this by facilitating briefing changes in batches, which ultimately reduces page revisions and removes confusion. RetailPath records ongoing changes, compiling them into a comprehensive change report, which is then briefed to the studio in batches. You have complete flexibility to brief changes by page or complete event.

Production Milestones

RetailPath allows you to set production milestones, such as ‘Open for Review’ periods so that all stakeholders are working in sync, and to help keep your production on schedule. For example, RetailPath can send automatic reminders to all stakeholders advising them that the promotion review period ends in 24 hours.

Multichannel Final Content

Once your marketing material (catalogue pages, press ads, POS, etc.) is approved, final content files are stored in RetailPath. It makes good business sense to keep all of your valuable retail marketing assets in one place, which is just what RetailPath does. Final content can also be pushed via XML or web services to populate the online version of your print catalogue. You can also provide content links (image, copy and pricing) to allow you to market via social media.