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RetailPath gives you access to a range of reports to help manage the retail production process. Communicating large volumes of feedback across numerous stakeholders has never been easier.

Job Summary Report

A job summary report gives a summary of promotion content at any time, giving you a an enriched view of your promotion content. The specific information typically sorted by page includes the products selected with copy, images and promotion pricing. This content can be modified to suit any retailer and also run by supplier so that you can send to them for approval if required.

Audit Trail / Change Report

Once a project has been briefed into the design studio, RetailPath records an audit trail of all product changes and assembles them into a simple change report, which is compiled and briefed to the design studio. The change report forms the studio’s brief for the next round of changes and is in a consistent and easily understandable format, leading to greater accuracy and less duplication.

Finalise Production Reports

Once a promotion is finalised, RetailPath can output a range of reports including Missed Changes Reports, Revision Reports and a Final Job Summary. These customised reports give you the tools to effectively review and analyse any promotion production.

PDF or Excel

Job summary reports can be generated in PDF or Excel format, or both, depending on your needs. Once the final promotion approval has been received, many retailers use the Excel version for importing into their pricing systems and to order pricing tickets.

XML or Web Services

Final content including images can be exported from RetailPath to an online ecommerce system such as Magento or for online promotions. This part of the process is customised to suit the specific requirements of each retailer.