Escape the clutter, get efficient & get to market faster!

Product Library

Searching for brand logos and product images on shared directories and servers or from previous promotions is a thing of the past. RetailPath securely stores, indexes and provides download access to all your brand assets and product data.

Online Shared Access

RetailPath securely stores, indexes and provides download access to all your products enriched with marketing profiles and online access to all your past promotions to assist you with seasonal activity ? what did we do this time last year?

Product Profile

All product details are stored in a master product profile, any changes made are universally applied to all promotions in which the product appears, ensuring that the product profile is always up-to-date.

Merchandise System

Your product library can be manually updated or, in the case of larger retailers, linked to your merchandise system and automatically synchronised. This powerful function ensures that your online product library is always current.

Copy Versions

The product profile accommodates multiple copy versions ? such as a web version and a print version. We do cater for promotion specific copy when required, for example ‘Great gift for Dad!’ can be added only to the Father’s Day catalogue.

Product Images

All product images are stored with the product profile, along with any other relevant product graphics, brand logos, web images, etc., giving you the flexibility to choose which images and logos you would like to appear in any particular promotion.

Download Cart

Fill your cart with as many assets as required, save as a collection, and download content with just one click. Gone are the days of emailing large attachments or FTP content to other stakeholders.


With unlimited, secure storage, you will never run out of server space again. You can safely store all page versions, giving you a ongoing audit trail.