Escape the clutter, get efficient & get to market faster!

managed-workflowRetailpath streamlines the production of retail marketing material, improving accuracy and helping you get to market faster.

Automaton’s close working relationships with a large number of retailers has given us a unique insight into the technology and production requirements of retail marketing. We have a thorough understanding of your needs from planning, through production to delivery of printed material and data to websites.

Planning & Briefing

RetailPath is a powerful planning tool for your retail catalogue. It manages all aspects of the briefing process, allowing merchandising to select products for the pagination set by marketing. At any point in the process you can quickly glance at an enriched view of your promotion to see where content is outstanding. Discover more â•—


Catalogue production just got a whole lot simpler, with intelligent change management. We understand the need to have your product selection and pricing spot on in the retail market. That’s why we have spent so much time polishing our change management process. Discover more â•—


RetailPath has a range of reports that makes communicating feedback to all stakeholders easy, as well as helping you keep on top of production. At the end of a promotion, content can be passed on to websites and social media supporting omni-channel marketing. Discover more â•—

Product Library

The product library is the cornerstone of retail marketing – RetailPath has a built-in product library enriched with product data, including headings, description and images, giving each product a marketing profile, ready to use and download at any time, saving you time and money. Discover more â•—